Saturday, January 30, 2010


Not many people can grasp the fact that devotion is the name of the game, even in SL.
What would you do, to stay in, to stay on, to survive it's deep ups and downs? Do you mindlessly log in and have your plate of giggles and dances and not worry where the second helping will come from?
Maybe you- you like so many of us- have gone from anonymous pretty face to face thinking each time will be the last.
It's tempting to some, to leave. Almost all of them come back.
I know we're addicted.
The question is,
what to.

These are my personal thoughts, this is my personal fight, this is my last attempt at making something work in fantasyland

Thursday, September 10, 2009

sublime sunrise - Subversive Vavoom

A gorgeous summer's end shot by my very good friend Misty Crystal... i hate being away but will return as soon as humanly possible. Keep your eyes on the horizon and love you all.